Data Security Platform

NetLib’s powerful, patented data security platform helps companies manage their encryption needs with a simple, scalable and cost effective solution that requires no administrative overhead. The company’s flagship product, Encryptionizer, acts as an additional layer of security on top of Windows and Application security across the enterprise, in case perimeter defenses are breached with virtually no impact on performance that can be managed from anywhere in the world, across physical, virtual or cloud environments.. Our patented technology advances the state of the art of your data security without increasing your budget – no new hardware or programming required.

80% of companies

are not sure how to protect data in the Cloud.


DNC hack shows severe US vulnerability to cyber attacks

The big news this weekend was, of course, the hack of the Democratic National Committee emails.  20,000 emails exposed ordinarily wouldn’t even make the Top 5 list of data breaches for a given month, but this story has deservedly been catapulted to number one.  Few breaches have had the political significance of the DNC’s dirty… Read More

Gotta catch ’em all — all security risks, that is

I was asked last week if I could do an article on Pokemon Go, the biggest Pokemon-related phenomenon since the original games took the world by storm in the late 1990’s.  It’s been a long time since I donned the trainer hat and went on my journey to catch ‘em all…Pikachu, Charizard…Dagut…Shoe… Takes me back…. Read More

Mr. Robot returns, as unsettlingly relevant as ever

Everyone’s favorite narratively unstable, obliquely framed, psychological hacker drama, Mr. Robot, returned to TV this week with its second season premiere.  Buckle in, because if you weren’t already paranoid enough about cyber security, you’ll never trust another device or email again. As before, any articles written here on Mr. Robot won’t really contain too much… Read More

Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) – Encryptionizer vs. SQL Server

NetLib® Encryptionizer® TDE offers some important advantages over MS SQL Server’s Transparent Data Encryption (TDE)

Differences Between Whole Database and Column Encryption

NetLib® Encryptionizer® is the only product line that can provide both whole database and column-level encryption for all Editions of SQL Server (not just Enterprise). Below is a discussion of each of the methods by which data in SQL Server can be protected. NetLib Encryptionizer Whole Database Encryption and Column Encryption products can be layered… Read More

Automatic Whole Database Encryption – How It Works

The purpose of whole database encryption is to make a database unusable if it is stolen, copied, downloaded, lost, or otherwise improperly accessed. It is fast, unobtrusive, requires no programming, no administration, and can usually be deployed in a couple of hours or less. Whole database encryption uses completely on-the-fly, dynamic encryption and decryption. Data… Read More