Data Security Platform

NetLib’s powerful, patented data security platform helps companies manage their encryption needs with a simple, scalable and cost effective solution that requires no administrative overhead. The company’s flagship product, Encryptionizer, acts as an additional layer of security on top of Windows and Application security across the enterprise, in case perimeter defenses are breached with virtually no impact on performance that can be managed from anywhere in the world, across physical, virtual or cloud environments.. Our patented technology advances the state of the art of your data security without increasing your budget – no new hardware or programming required.

80% of companies

are not sure how to protect data in the Cloud.


Election Interference and What Could Come Next

If I had to guess, I’d say there must be some disgruntled sports fans in Russia right now.  In what I can only assume is retaliation for the whole doping scandal that banned almost the entire Russian team from the Rio Olympics last month, cyber thieves have released information on athletes of other countries, including… Read More

Boldly Going Where Hackers Have Already Been

Captain’s Log.  Stardate 94293.37 Travelling back to the early 21st century to examine the state of Earth’s technological interconnectivity and security has revealed some troubling insights into our forerunners.  These problems have multiplied like tribbles over the last few years, and one in particular stands out.  One Earth year ago, in what would be 2015,… Read More

Parents & Kids Beware: Back To School Brings Big Identity Risks

It’s back to school time!  Yes, it’s an event that kids all over either anticipate or dread to their souls.  I was generally in the latter camp when I was that age—as I suspect many are—though not for any tangible reason, as the experience itself was never horrible for me once it began.  Still, the… Read More

Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) – Encryptionizer vs. SQL Server

NetLib® Encryptionizer® TDE offers some important advantages over MS SQL Server’s Transparent Data Encryption (TDE)

Differences Between Whole Database and Column Encryption

NetLib® Encryptionizer® is the only product line that can provide both whole database and column-level encryption for all Editions of SQL Server (not just Enterprise). Below is a discussion of each of the methods by which data in SQL Server can be protected. NetLib Encryptionizer Whole Database Encryption and Column Encryption products can be layered… Read More

Automatic Whole Database Encryption – How It Works

The purpose of whole database encryption is to make a database unusable if it is stolen, copied, downloaded, lost, or otherwise improperly accessed. It is fast, unobtrusive, requires no programming, no administration, and can usually be deployed in a couple of hours or less. Whole database encryption uses completely on-the-fly, dynamic encryption and decryption. Data… Read More